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Dear Adherents
      We are happy to welcome you at our resource. Our website is 12 years old. Some of you have probably visited the site before, to take a look at what we produce here at Rough Man. Nevertheless, until now we had no comprehensive navigation in English and, as a result, you could come across nothing but very dim comment on our content, as well as on our resource in general.
      It looks like these days the situation is changing to better, so here we will try to explain to you in more detail what Rough Man is about.
      Rough Man is the biggest Russian BDSM edition that started in 1993. That was the time when the first photosessions happened. We started to shoot videos in 1994, in a year «RM Video” was founded, and we started releasing BDSM video programs. In the following year, after co-operation with American studio “Beth Taylor” (if, after all those long years, we spell the name right) – the English version of our name was born, and that was the moment when the first piece of content by Rough Man took its place in the boundless expanses of Worldwide Web.
      In 1998, as affiliate of the newspaper, we have started a dating club for those who are interested in BDSM roleplaying – such as flagellation, medical fetish, bondage, male and female domination. The club members have been acting as our site’s models – so all the performers of our scenes are lifestyle BDSM people.
      There have been over 300 female participants and about 50 male.
      Nowadays Rough Man is an appreciable subject of Russian sex industry, that edits newspapers “Rough Man” and “Men Club”, issued in 10 thousand copies each. And here, at this site, we want you to get acquainted with the works of our video and photo studio “RM Video”. We have shot more than 50 movies on flagellation, 20 on medical fetish, 7 on femdom and 2 on bondage. We work at increasing the quantity of materials and improving their quality. Our movies have been available in sex shops of UK, Germany, Holland, USA, Italy and other countries. Now it’s time to introduce our photos and videos to all the people worldwide who are inspired with BDSM.
      At the site our members can watch 300 girls and 50 men in 80 movies and 3157 photos, with weekly updates of a full scene on medical fetish flagellation, domination or bondage, accompanied by corresponding photoset.
      Welcome to the electronic version of Rough Man!
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